Prerequisite: Experienced Beauty & all Medical Professionals



The day(s) is (are) designed in such a way that you become comfortable with Medical micro-needling as a service provider. It is based on an intimate understanding and respect of normal skin anatomy and physiology, including the aging process


This Medical Micro-needling course begins with a lecture introducing participants to micro-needling treatment and other non-surgical facial rejuvenation technologies. A live demonstration will be provided prior to participants gaining hands-on training using the Boss Medical's InnoPen - Health Canada approved medical micro-needling device. The day is completed with a certification exam.


We are aware not all students learn the same therefore this day is not highly structured; it allows for flexibility and I will cater to your needs as much as possible.


All attendees will receive a packaged offer to get them started, including their own INNOPEN device upon successful completion of the course.


Below is a typical itinerary for the day, but this may vary:

  • Intro to Medical Micro-needling

  • Patient consent & documentation

  • Anatomy of the skin

  • Understanding mechanism of micro-needling and how it can be used for various skin conditions.

  • Combining Hyaluronic Acid and other vitamins into the treatments

  • Treatment protocol and treatment planning for your clients

  • Pre & Post treatment care/ considerations

  • Management of side effects & complications

  • Patient Records

  • Safe areas of treatment

  • Live Demonstration

  • Clinical Hands-on Training

  • Patient photography & usage of images

  • Social Media & Building your business