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NEUROMODULATORS INJECTIONS  |  a comprehensive program

2 DAYS · 1-TO-1 · HANDS-ON · 7+ MODELS |  $3,100.00  + OPTIONAL INTERNSHIP

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Licensed RNs, LPNs, NPs, Dentists, MDs & Pharmacists in good standing. No injecting experience is required!


This course will provide you with a strong foundation of cosmetic neuromodulator treatments focusing on the latest & safest techniques.

We will provide you with an intimate understanding of facial anatomy and physiology, the ageing process and the methods of neuromodulator treatments.


We recognize the serious nature of this art form and that a group setting doesn't always provide sufficient hands-on practice to really understand thorough and confident application, so our program is 1-to-1! We also appreciate that everyone learns a little differently, so our Educators are flexible to cater to your unique learning needs to ensure you are able to build a strong foundation prior to beginning your internship.


This 2-day comprehensive training program is complete with a half day, in-person didactic including a comprehensive training manual,

and 1.5 days of 1-1 hands-on training with up to 10 models of varying treatment requirements! All of your models are booked by Beauty Lab support staff so you can feel comfortable to simply focus on developing your skills.


4 SHIFTS · 1-TO-1 · HANDS-ON · PAID |  $2900.00

Your Botox Program can include a paid internship allowing students to have hands-on practice for up to 4 internship shifts (16 hours), over 8 weeks and earn a commission! Internships are supervised by Beauty Lab Certified Injectors, eager to help and guide you with each of your clients.

  • 2 days of comprehensive training

  • 1-to-1 training for successful learning and application

  • 7+ hands-on model treatments

  • optional paid internship

  • Detailed discovery of all brands of neuromodulator products
    (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin & Nuceiva)

  • An easy to understand approach to facial anatomy & aging

  • Detailed consultation including medical history, assessment & contraindications

  • Pre & Post treatment care & considerations

  • Landmarking & dosing

  • Management of side effects & complications

  • Full understanding of the delivery of safe neuromodulator injections, treatment zones and injection depth

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