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Beauty Lab Alberta


Calgary | Edmonton


The foundation of the Beauty Lab Academy was built to offer ongoing support (internship) and sufficient hands-on experience. Both of these core elements offer extensive leverage in the success of our students and their careers in Advanced Medical Aesthetics.


Beauty Lab Academy is a comprehensive 1-on-1 training program that delivers each trainee hands-on learning and practice with models varying in aesthetic needs. 

Beauty Lab Academy offers various course options for medical professionals who seek to explore a career in medical aesthetics, or want to advance their current practice.


We offer a variety of options including on-site training in

Calgary & Edmonton, Alberta.


Choose from of one of our comprehensive courses:

  • Neuromodulators for Cosmetic & Medical Treatments

  • Dermal Fillers

  • PRP for Hair & Skin Rejuvenation


Beauty Lab Academy offers the most authentic, ethical and real-world aesthetics experience in all of our offered courses. Each training is heavily focused on safety and the best, most natural outcome for our patients.


Thank you for considering Beauty Lab as a part of your practical growth or new career journey!

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