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    $7200.00 +gst ✓ 3 Full Days of 1-to-1 Comprehensive Learning ✓ 100% Hands-On Models all to yourself! - Day 1, Didactic with Comprehensive Manual - Day 2, ~6 Botox Models - Day 3, ~5 Filler Models ✓ 20+ Hours of Online Learning with 1 year access ✓ Lunch, Snacks & Coffee ✓ 45 Minute Social Media Coaching Session ✓ 30 Minute Business & Job Coaching Session ✗ Group Learning ✗ Gatekeeping This private, 1-to-1. 3-Day Program is available once each month in both Edmonton and Calgary.
  • THE INTERNSHIP (optional add-on)
    EDMONTON NOVICE INTERNSHIP PROGRAM: 16 Hours | $1400.00 +gst 24 Hours | $2100.00 +gst ✓ Easy to book 4 Hour Shifts, flexible days ✓ Flexible Scheduling over 5-10 weeks ✓ Earn a Commission ✓ Hands-On, In-Clinic Experience that employers are looking for! ✓ Learn booking, follow-ups and product integration/progress CALGARY NOVICE INTERNSHIP PROGRAM: 16 Hours | $1400.00 +gst ✓ Easy to book 4 Hour Shifts on Mondays 11-3pm, or 3-7pm ✓ Earn a Commission ✓ Hands-On, In-Clinic Experience that employers are looking for! ✓ Learn booking, follow-ups and product integration/progress
    ✓ Detailed discovery of all brands of products ✓ An easy to understand approach to facial anatomy & aging ✓ Detailed consultation including medical history, assessment & contraindications ✓ Pre & Post treatment care & considerations ✓ Landmarking & dosing ✓ Management of side effects & complications ✓ Full understanding of the delivery of safe injections, safe treatment zones and safe injection depth ✓ Full Neuromodulator Treatment to Glabella, Forehead, Crow's Feet, Brow Lift, Bunny Lines, Gummy Smile, Upper Lip Lines, Lip Flip, DAO, Chin, Masseters (model depending, underarms and traps) ✓ Dermal Filler Treatment to Laugh Lines (Nasolabial Folds) Marionette Lines (Chin Shadow), Cheeks & Cheek Contour, Chin Projection & Jawline, Lips
    We recognize the serious nature of this art form and that a group setting doesn't always provide enough hands-on practice to really understand thorough and confident application, therefore all of our programs are 1-to-1! We also appreciate that everyone learns a little differently, so our Educators are flexible to cater to your unique learning needs to ensure you are able to build a strong foundation prior to beginning your internship.
    Injectors in Canada must be licensed physicians (MD), pharmacists (RPh), dentists (DDS), nurse practitioners (NP), registered nurses (RN), or licensed practical nurses (LPN). We recommend that LPN's have a strong lead for work prior to investing in training, as they require an MD to be *on-site* in Alberta. Call to learn more, 587-717-0059!
    To book your private, 1-to-1 training, BL Academy requires a 50% deposit of your course fee at the time of booking! A secure CC link or e-transfers are accepted. Many of our students use MediCard to finance their tuition! Find out what you are qualified and the terms of your loan in under 1 minute!
    Our Edmonton Academy has approximately 2, 1-to-1, Training Sessions available each month. Because our Programs are 1-to-1, availability books quicker than other industry group trainings. Contact us today to find out our up-coming availability! 1-587-717-0059
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